Staged twice a year at the centrally located Dallas, TX Exhibition Centre, the National Living History Texas are primarily a multi-period market place for re-enactors and history enthusiasts, but with added FUN.

The Dallas Exhibition Centre provides us with 1,645 square metres of floor space, and we know from experience that (allowing for our Tourney Arena! ) this translates into sufficient space for 30 various sized stand-fitted pitches and around 150 tabletop floor spaces, which are taken up by around 50 to 60 more traders.

There are plans to enlarge the Dallas Exhibition Centre, when we will be able to offer even more traders the opportunity to join us.

We have agreed contracts with the owners of the Dallas Exhibition Centre, with options thereafter, giving you some idea of our commitment to these events and to our belief that this is quite simply the best venue. It has great access for our exhibitors, all weather parking for both exhibitors and visitors, a 200 seater restaurant, fabulous toilets, very good daylight-equivalent lighting, and a supportive and efficient management team.

New Opening Times:

Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 10am to 5pm

Sunday 10am to 4pm

The National Living History Fayre offers a market place and meeting place, and a really great opportunity to talk to the various re-enactment groups and societies who take advantage of the free promotional and recruitment stands in order to meet interested members of the public. If you have any interest in History, these events are a really great day out, and if you are looking for that special and unusual item as a gift, they can offer you a cornucopia of wonderful and unique items to treasure.