Stand-fitted Options (all 2.5 metres front to back)
3.0 foot    $120   
6.0 foot    $200

Table top Options   
      Single   6′ by 2′ Table
Double  12′ by 2′ Tables

Extra Tables – $15   (must be ordered in advance )
Extra Chairs – $13    (must be ordered in advance )


Phillip E. Collier

1407 Pickens Way
Yantis, TX 75497

The tables are solid wooden trestles, as used at my Antiques Fairs where dealers happily piled tens of thousands of pounds worth of fragile porcelain, glass, and pottery on them.

Traders who deal in any goods which they think would be suitable to tempt re-enactors or those with a very keen interest in history are welcome to apply for a stand. I do not intend to play “god” and dictate who can trade in what—if the customers like the goods they will buy them and the trader will have a good Fayre and wish to return. If they don’t like what the trader has to offer, then they will not buy and the trader will not wish to return.

We will answer all enquiries as quickly as we can. E-mail is preferred, but we do have an answer phone! We will also endeavour to keep this website as up to date as we can, with full details of traders who will be at the Fayres, and details of current availability. However, last minute changes are a fact of life, so please do feel free to call or mail for up-to-the-minute information.

If we have the room, you will be made most welcome!

We do a serious job of promoting and advertising these events, with tens of thousands of full color leaflets, national advertising in specialist publications, international advertising on the Internet, professional signposting,  plus mailshots to schools, museums, theatres, and film and tv production companies.